Well, we’ve accomplished a lot this last week.  The living room cabinets, kitchen, trim and even some walls have been removed.  There haven’t been any big surprises… which is WONDERFUL!  The one area we had to address was the master bedroom.  The previous owners had built an add on to cover the outside stairs.  When doing so, they also took away an outside window for the master bedroom.  Strange…very strange.  We had to get creative because we realize the addition is very important but so is a window for the bedroom.  Can you imagine not having fresh air to your room or even an accessible fire escape?  Deal breaker!  We will be framing in a window seat in the bedroom along w/ extra floor space.  Sometimes you just need to think outside the box.

During demo, there has also been some construction.  The existing garage did not have a wall on the back.  Yes..no framed in wall. I guess it was considered an “open concept”.  Easy access for little critters or a wandering eye.

Downstairs in the basement we have also removed the sheet rock. So excited about this space.  There are a few obstacles to figure out, but with our team of experts I’m sure we’ll come up with a plan.