During our walk through, I was very pleased at how things were progressing.  I was especially thrilled about the master bedroom.  The once very small bedroom now has a small addition on the window side and a larger closet (removed small pantry from kitchen).  The addition, or “window seat “, added to the master bedroom was also completed.  Remember the window that overlooked the covered stairwell to the basement?  Well, now the bedroom has been expanded over the stairwell.  After seeing the overall look of the “window seat”, we’ve decided to create more storage space instead.  The view doesn’t really play well into the idea of a relaxing view since the neighbors house is “the view”.  The window will be moved over to the right and a built-in cabinet w/ drawers and a bookshelf will be placed where the “window seat” would have gone.  More storage is always a good thing.  Deciding what type of wood or painted wood to use will be our next decision in that room.

The master bathroom is coming along as well.  With the Hardiebacker in place, the tile is close to being installed.  It’s not the biggest space, but once again we’ve cut into the walls to create a storage closet.  We have some other ideas to give the bathroom the illusion of being bigger too…….

The tile for the kitchen floor has also arrived and it is beautiful!!!  Since the floor was shiplap, it needs to be replaced in a few areas before going any further with installing the tile.  Our motto is always fix the problem and never cover it up!!!