It’s been some time since my last visit to our little house.  We’ve removed the outer vinyl siding, so now the old lap siding remains.  We had been hoping the siding wasn’t in bad shape, but those hopes were faded after seeing what was behind the vinyl.  It will be replaced as soon as we get the new windows installed.

I was very impressed with the tile we picked out for the master bathroom.  Really love it!  I am so excited to see the console sink in place.  What a statement it will make.  We removed the window inside the shower/bath combo.  No more window treatment inside the shower.  🙂

DSC_0125 DSC_0091

The basement has recently been waterproofed and walls taken down and put up.  We’ve clearly defined the spaces in that area.

DSC_0136 DSC_0135 DSC_0134

The kitchen cabinets are being processed for the finishing step.  Our spray room was recently given a new floor paint.  It looks terrific, but it’s still drying.  This has set us back a little with this kitchen as well as a few other projects.  Hopefully we’ll be back up this weekend.