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Forget the keys.  Forget the industrial keypad.  The Liscio Keypad Leverset by Emtek has recently unveiled a new way to unlock your front door.  The uniqueness of this product is located on the lever.  This sleek design hides the keypad on the door handle.  You can also program up to 20 codes from your smart phone.  This particular style of door handle comes in polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel.

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If you are looking for that restaurant quality appliance for your home, look no further than BlueStar.  Not only do their ovens and stoves give that feeling of restaurant style cooking, they also have an amazing amount of colors and sizes to customize your kitchen.  To continue that high quality, BlueStar has introduced a line of refrigerators with unique features.  Known for their design and function capabilities, BlueStar, didn’t hold back when they created their refrigerator.



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Lovin’ the tile http://edeldesigns.com/2016/03/4070/ http://edeldesigns.com/2016/03/4070/#respond Fri, 11 Mar 2016 22:33:09 +0000 http://edeldesigns.com/?p=4070

It’s been some time since my last visit to our little house.  We’ve removed the outer vinyl siding, so now the old lap siding remains.  We had been hoping the siding wasn’t in bad shape, but those hopes were faded after seeing what was behind the vinyl.  It will be replaced as soon as we get the new windows installed.

I was very impressed with the tile we picked out for the master bathroom.  Really love it!  I am so excited to see the console sink in place.  What a statement it will make.  We removed the window inside the shower/bath combo.  No more window treatment inside the shower.  🙂

DSC_0125 DSC_0091

The basement has recently been waterproofed and walls taken down and put up.  We’ve clearly defined the spaces in that area.

DSC_0136 DSC_0135 DSC_0134

The kitchen cabinets are being processed for the finishing step.  Our spray room was recently given a new floor paint.  It looks terrific, but it’s still drying.  This has set us back a little with this kitchen as well as a few other projects.  Hopefully we’ll be back up this weekend.


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Decisions… http://edeldesigns.com/2016/03/4040/ http://edeldesigns.com/2016/03/4040/#respond Tue, 01 Mar 2016 18:51:41 +0000 http://edeldesigns.com/?p=4040

Cabinetry Begins...

Well, it’s been a while since my last post.  The electrician has been doing some wiring and we’ve been receiving bids for possible new ideas.  Meanwhile, the cabinets for the kitchen have begun in our shop a few miles away.  My next decision will be to decide the hardware for the cabinetry.  Color, style and feel… decisions, decisions, decisions.

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Tiling away… http://edeldesigns.com/2016/02/tiling-away/ http://edeldesigns.com/2016/02/tiling-away/#respond Thu, 18 Feb 2016 18:40:46 +0000 http://edeldesigns.com/?p=3963

There’s been a lot of tiling at the house the last week.  The kitchen flooring is in, as well as the master bathroom walls and shower.  It really does look amazing.  The kitchen cabinets have been outputted to the shop and are ready to be constructed.

We’ve also made some decisions about the downstairs basement.  We’ll be opening up the three rooms to create one large media or playroom.  We’ll also create a space for an office and possibly a wet bar.  Our goal is to create a family friendly area that could meet many needs.


Kitchen Tile

Kitchen Tile

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Rendering of Kitchen http://edeldesigns.com/2016/02/rendering-of-kitchen/ http://edeldesigns.com/2016/02/rendering-of-kitchen/#respond Thu, 04 Feb 2016 19:42:06 +0000 http://edeldesigns.com/?p=3847

How exiting!!!  My designer (aka my husband) just rendered up the drawings for the kitchen.  I can not believe how much storage this galley style kitchen will have.  We’ve moved the fridge area up by the entrance to the kitchen.  This will open up a view into the dining room and the future amazing chandelier.  I am thrilled to say we are also putting in the best of the best appliances.  An awesome BlueStar gas stove and one of my favorite things in a kitchen… a microwave drawer!

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Making Decisions and Making Progress… http://edeldesigns.com/2016/02/3825/ http://edeldesigns.com/2016/02/3825/#respond Wed, 03 Feb 2016 18:55:10 +0000 http://edeldesigns.com/?p=3825

During our walk through, I was very pleased at how things were progressing.  I was especially thrilled about the master bedroom.  The once very small bedroom now has a small addition on the window side and a larger closet (removed small pantry from kitchen).  The addition, or “window seat “, added to the master bedroom was also completed.  Remember the window that overlooked the covered stairwell to the basement?  Well, now the bedroom has been expanded over the stairwell.  After seeing the overall look of the “window seat”, we’ve decided to create more storage space instead.  The view doesn’t really play well into the idea of a relaxing view since the neighbors house is “the view”.  The window will be moved over to the right and a built-in cabinet w/ drawers and a bookshelf will be placed where the “window seat” would have gone.  More storage is always a good thing.  Deciding what type of wood or painted wood to use will be our next decision in that room.

The master bathroom is coming along as well.  With the Hardiebacker in place, the tile is close to being installed.  It’s not the biggest space, but once again we’ve cut into the walls to create a storage closet.  We have some other ideas to give the bathroom the illusion of being bigger too…….

The tile for the kitchen floor has also arrived and it is beautiful!!!  Since the floor was shiplap, it needs to be replaced in a few areas before going any further with installing the tile.  Our motto is always fix the problem and never cover it up!!!

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Demo and more demo… http://edeldesigns.com/2016/01/demo-and-more-demo/ http://edeldesigns.com/2016/01/demo-and-more-demo/#respond Fri, 29 Jan 2016 19:00:20 +0000 http://edeldesigns.com/?p=3810

Well, we’ve accomplished a lot this last week.  The living room cabinets, kitchen, trim and even some walls have been removed.  There haven’t been any big surprises… which is WONDERFUL!  The one area we had to address was the master bedroom.  The previous owners had built an add on to cover the outside stairs.  When doing so, they also took away an outside window for the master bedroom.  Strange…very strange.  We had to get creative because we realize the addition is very important but so is a window for the bedroom.  Can you imagine not having fresh air to your room or even an accessible fire escape?  Deal breaker!  We will be framing in a window seat in the bedroom along w/ extra floor space.  Sometimes you just need to think outside the box.

During demo, there has also been some construction.  The existing garage did not have a wall on the back.  Yes..no framed in wall. I guess it was considered an “open concept”.  Easy access for little critters or a wandering eye.

Downstairs in the basement we have also removed the sheet rock. So excited about this space.  There are a few obstacles to figure out, but with our team of experts I’m sure we’ll come up with a plan.

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Demo has begun… http://edeldesigns.com/2016/01/demo-has-begun/ http://edeldesigns.com/2016/01/demo-has-begun/#respond Fri, 22 Jan 2016 18:29:35 +0000 http://edeldesigns.com/?p=3802

Well, we’ve started the demo on our newest property.  The bathrooms and kitchen are the first to go.  After removing the kitchen cabinets, we noticed there was carpet under the kitchen cabinets.  All these years and the kitchen has had carpet as the original flooring.


Next week we start tiling the floor in the master bathroom.  I’ve picked Daltile’s Carrara Mosiac Tile.  I really love the smaller hexagon shape and the marble look of the tiles.  Plus, the tile is made of 98% recycled material.

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